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Luc André Marc PIERRE is a French artist born in 1966. It was in 2015, after having worked for 25 years in the field of graphic design, that the artist resumed exploration work when he was a student at the Fine Arts school.
Luc AM PIERRE's work is the result of a repetitive process of composition and deconstruction. The starting point is an intuitive and spontaneous practice of drawing, which he cuts and tears to then compose his works.
The interpretation we make of his work reveals to us what our unconscious has to say. The artwork speaks to us and opens up unexplored paths. The title of the works is just a doorway. The language of the artist is the distortion or the reinterpretation of reality, it opens the field of the possible, questions and frees us. The "short stories" of Luc AM PIERRE allow us to see and perceive things, the "life of things" from a new and irrational perspective. We enjoy exploring his rhythmic musical compositions, being carried away by the song of colors and being surprised by the imbalances. When you are in front of a collage by the artist Luc AM PIERRE, there always seems to be a before and an after, the impression of movement and impermanence is omnipresent, it's an invitation, as the saying goes, to jump on the bandwagon… So bon voyage!

Luc AM PIERRE lives and works in the south of France and in Piedmont in Italy.

Some works are here:

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