Luc Pierre is a French artist born in 1966.

In 2015, after 25 years in the field of layout and graphic design, he continues the exploration work he left while studying at the Beaux Arts. His work is a long process of decomposition and composition. Directly inspired by music – he's a drummer - , his collages are rhythmic, syncopated and exalted scores. The play of the bright acrylic colors and the light of the oil pastels sing, shout his stories and his poems. The whole, punctuated by lines drawn mostly with charcoal or spray paint, as a path to follow while everything rushes all around. Fugitive stories that seem to spring out of an inexhaustible source.

He lives and works in the South of France and Piedmont, Italy. 

Registered at the Maison des Artistes (MDA - France) since 2004




ART GAZETTE since 2020


• CHE COSA VUOI? Alba, Italy, 2019-2020



Well Hung Gallery "SMALL WONDERS" London, UK, 2021

Drawing Room Art Fair, Lisbon, Portugal, October 2021

Drawing Room Art Fair, Madrid, Spain, May 2021

La Grange Gallery "WAY OUT" Reims, France, 2020

Well Hung Gallery "CONSTRUCT" London, UK, 2020

• Paul Stewart Gallery, "A WINTER'S TALE" Paris, France, 2018

• Kontakthof Gallery, Paris, France, 2017



Art Gazette, London, UK, 2021

Les Nouveaux Riches, Vienna, Austria, 2020

A6 Murals Worldwide, Netherlands, 2020

Artmajeur Magazine 2020

You Wanted A List, Budapest, Hungary, 2019

Borsen Atelier, Danemark, 2019 

Oneg Mag, Milan, Italy 2018 

Jimon Magazine, United States, 2018   

• 50/52 Art Contemporain, Ed 11-13 Paris, France 2018  

Lula Japan, Issue.8 "Yellow" Tokyo, Japan 2018 



• 1985-1987 School of Fine Arts, Cherbourg, France

• 1987-1990 School of Fine Arts, Angers, France


• 1990 Higher National Diploma of Plastic Expression (DNSEP) with honors

Lula Japan
Lula Japan
50/52 Art Contemporain
50/52 Art Contemporain
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